Model Instance Title:
Eocene paleoclimate reconstruction  
Model Instance Short Name:
Eocene paleoclimate reconstruction  
Time slice reconstruction of the climate of each geologic stage during the Eocene using HadCM3L  
Creation/Publication Date:
Contact Details:
Daniel Lunt   Bristol University   UK  
Alex Farnsworth   Bristol University   UK  
Model Code Name:
Time Interval Covered:
from:   to:
Spatial Extent:
Bounding Box (Lat/Long WGS84):
West: �   East: �   South: �   North: �  
Scope of Vertical Extent: Atmosphere/Ocean  
Vertical Extent (metres above OD) Maximum: �   Minimum: �    
Spatial Reference Systems of Datasets:
Horizontal Reference System: WGS 84
Vertical Datum:
Vertical Units:
Grid Resolution:
Spacing XSpacing YSpacing ZCells XCells YCells Z
      96   73   19  

Time step interval: Geologic   Time step value: �
Additional information (science questions addressed, assumptions etc.):
Science Question   Climate sensitivity to paleogeography  
Assumption   The climate is sensitive to changing land mass configurations and topography/bathymtry irrespective of carbon dioxide concentrations  
Boundary Condition   Eocene stage specific topography/bathymetry/ice sheets/solar constant/lakes  
Initial Condition   Standard Pre-Industrial conditions  
No input datasets
Output Dataset NameVersionURL LinkParameterValueUnits
Wide variety atmospheric varibles all gridded on longitude-latitude grid      
Wide variety oceanic variables all gridded on longitude-latitude grid      
Wide variety of terrestrial variables all gridded on longitude-latitude grid      
Documents and Published Papers available for this model instance:
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G. N. Inglis et. al.   Mid-latitude continental temperatures through the early Eocene in western Europe   0  
Fenton, I., Pearson, P. N., Dunkley Jones, T., Farnsworth, A. J., Lunt, D. J., Markwick, P. & Purvis, A   The impact of Cenozoic cooling on assemblage diversity in planktonic foraminifera   2015  
Inglis, G., Farnsworth, A., Lunt, D., Foster, G., Hollis, C. J., Pagani, M., Jardine, P. E., Pearson, P., Markwick, P., Galsworthy, A., Raynham, L., Taylor, K. & Pancost, R   Descent towards the Icehouse: Eocene sea surface cooling inferred from GDGT distributions   2014  
Kennedy, A. T., Farnsworth, A., Lunt, D. J., Lear, C. H. & Markwick, P. J   Atmospheric and oceanic impacts of Antarctic glaciation across the Eocene-Oligocene transition   2014