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Chilgrove House  
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Chilgrove House  
Lumped, conceptual groundwater models can be used to simulate groundwater level time-series quickly and efficiently without the need for comprehensive modelling expertise. A new model of this type, AquiMod, is presented for simulating groundwater level time-series in unconfined aquifers. Its modular design enables users to implement different model structures to gain understanding about controls on aquifer storage and discharge. An AquiMod model has been produced to simulate the groundwater level response at the Chilgrove House (CH) OBH. The CH OBH was chosen for its long record and is used to illustrate how AquiMod can be applied to the chalk aquifer. The majority of model parameters demonstrate sensitivity and can be related to available field data. The model structure experiments demonstrate the need to represent vertical aquifer heterogeneity to capture the storage-discharge dynamics efficiently  
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Hazards Ground water  Floods   
Others Time series data  Time series data  Floods  Ground water   
Contact Details:
Jon Mackay   British Geological Survey   UK  
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Time Interval Covered:
from: 01-Jan-1961   to: 31-Dec-2005
Spatial Extent:
Bounding Box (Lat/Long WGS84):
West: -0.842   East: -0.799   South: 50.906   North: 50.933  
Scope of Vertical Extent: Superficial  
Vertical Extent (metres above OD) Maximum: �   Minimum: -11    
Spatial Reference Systems of Datasets:
Horizontal Reference System: WGS 84
Vertical Datum: mean sea level height
Vertical Units: metre
Grid Resolution:
Spacing XSpacing YSpacing ZCells XCells YCells Z
3000   1     1   1   3  

Time step interval: day   Time step value: 1
Additional information (science questions addressed, assumptions etc.):
Science Question   Can a lumped parameter groundwater model adequately represent a groundwater hydrograph in a “natural catchment”  
Input Dataset NameVersionURL LinkParameterValueUnits
Daily rainfall from CERF 1 x 1 km gridded product          
Monthly PET from MORECS          
Output Dataset NameVersionURL LinkParameterValueUnits
Output Data          
    Grounmdwater head      
Documents and Published Papers available for this model instance:
Mackay, J.D.; Jackson, C.R.; Wang, L.   A lumped conceptual model to simulate groundwater level time-series   2014