Model Instance Title:
Little Wichita Watershed  
Model Instance Short Name:
Wichita Watershed  
The coupled ParFlow-CLM (PF.CLM) watershed model was applied to the LittleWashita watershed, an approximately 600 km2 watershed located in the Southern Great Planes region of the United States in Southwestern Oklahoma . The Little Washita watershed lies within the US Department of EnergyAtmospheric Radiation Monitoring facility. The model inputs included spatially uniform atmospheric forcing, spatially distributed land cover information, topography, and a subsurface model that is consistent within the coupled PF.CLM framework. The subsurface model consisted of spatially distributed soil cover information in the top model layer right at the land surface and a homogeneous geologic model in the remaining lower layers  
Creation/Publication Date:
Hazards Floods   
Contact Details:
No contact details available  
Model Code Name:
Time Interval Covered:
from: 01-Sep-1998   to: 31-Aug-1999
Spatial Extent:
Bounding Box (Lat/Long WGS84):
West: -98.3   East: -97.8   South: 34.74   North: 35.03  
Scope of Vertical Extent: Superficial  
Vertical Extent (metres above OD) Maximum: 191   Minimum: 63    
Spatial Reference Systems of Datasets:
Horizontal Reference System: NAD83(NSRS2007) / Kansas North
Vertical Datum: mean sea level height
Vertical Units: metre
Grid Resolution:
Spacing XSpacing YSpacing ZCells XCells YCells Z
1000   1000   0.5   45   32   390  

Time step interval: hour   Time step value: 1
Additional information (science questions addressed, assumptions etc.):
Science Question   How does unsaturated zone thickness affect feedback from groundwater to the atmosphere  
Boundary Condition   No flow all around with overland flow boundary condition  
Initial Condition   Successive runs of driving data (one year) repeated seven times  
Input Dataset NameVersionURL LinkParameterValueUnits
USGS soil data          
USGS vegetation cover parameterised using International Geosphere-Biosphere Program data          
Other Input Parameters          
    van Genuchten parameters – alpha      
    van Genuchten parameters – n      
    van Genuchten parameters – Sres      
Output Dataset NameVersionURL LinkParameterValueUnits
Output Data          
    Pressure Head      
    Soil Saturation      
    River Flow      
    Latent Heat      
    Sensible heat      
    Ground heat      
Documents and Published Papers available for this model instance:
Kollet S.J. and Maxwell R.M.,   Capturing the influence of groundwater dynamics on land surface processes using an integrated, distributed watershed model   2008