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ZOOMQ3D is a numerical model which advances the art of model development on two vitally important fronts. It incorporates a mesh refinement procedure which aids the solution of problems related to scale. This is the first of its contributions. The second is that it uses object-oriented techniques as the basis for the program. Whilst this is well-established in the development of general commercial software, it represents a novel approach to groundwater model structure. It is of considerable value in maintaining the code but it is in changing model behaviour that it holds most promise for modellers. Further, the direct correspondence between computer-based objects and real-world features makes the link between numerical and conceptual models very easy to see, even to those with no programming expertise  

Saturated groundwater flow model  

Distributed model orthoganal grid  

Mathematical Type:
finite difference spatial model  

Minimum Time Step:
1 hour  

Maximum Time Step:
1 month  


Publication date:

Title Published? Publication URL Digital Object Identifier Authors Year Published Other Details
The development and validation of the object-oriented quasi three-dimensional regional groundwater model ZOOMQ3D     Jackson CR  2001  British Geological Survey Internal Report 
The variation of hydraulic conductivity with depth in the object-oriented regional groundwater model ZOOMQ3D     Jackson C.R  2002  British Geological Survey Comissioned Report CR/02/152N 
Numerical Modelling of Run-Off Recharge in a Catchment in the West Bank     Hughes A.G.,Mansour M.M.,Robins N.S., Peach D.w.  2006  In Proceedings of MODFLOW and More 2006: Understanding through modeling, Golden, CO, May 21-24. 
User’s manual for the groundwater flow model ZOOMQ3D     Jackson C.R. Spink A.E.F.  2004  British Geological Survey Internal Report, CR/04/140N 

Computing Parameters:
Parameter Name Input/Output
River Flow 
Abstraction Rate 
Hydraulic conductivity 
storage coefficient 
River Geometry 
Boundary Conditions 
Velocity Field 
Time series - ground water parameters at a point 
River Flow 
Accretion Parameters 
Gridded Groundwater Head 
Grounwater Head as X, Y 

Ground water

Computing requirements:
Operating SystemCode languageCPUSystem MemoryComments
Win7  C++  Pentium  4Gb   

Responsible Parties:
Chris Jackson   British Geological Survey   UK